Model One – “Basic” Strategic Planning; Model Two – Issue-Based (or Goal-Based) Planning It is a method with which organizations can form an idea of possible future scenarios and how these may affect their strategic objectives. Gap planning … Blue Ocean Strategy: This framework emphasizes new markets and uncontested space. More precisely, Scenario planning … Click on the strategy models below to learn more. Originating from and frequently used in military situations, scenario planning is essentially a future-oriented exercise whereby strategic planners envision different scenarios and then identify key operational and strategic dimensions for their organization that would require specific actions under the different scenarios. However, making predictions about the future is very difficult and this is why organizations create a variety of possible future scenarios. Defining The Term Scenario Planning The process of making plans and assumptions on the future of the business and keeping in mind the changes occurring in the work environment is known to be scenario planning. Scenario Planning (SP) is a model for learning about the future in which a corporate strategy is formed by drawing a small number of scenarios, stories how the future may unfold, and how this may affect an issue that confronts the corporation. Geopolitical forecasts can help to formulate the official future. Scenarios are used to develop plans for significant changes in the environment, personnel, or processes for which data are limited and uncertain. Did you say Scenario planning? In this article, we're going to look at 3 of the most popular examples of strategic planning models. It is often used in conjunction with other strategic planning models and can be highly useful in identifying goals and issues. Model Five -- Alignment Model of Strategic Planning The primary purpose of this model is to ensure strong alignment of the organization’s internal operations with achieving an overall goal, for example, to increase productivity or profitability, or to successfully integrate a new cross-functional system, such as a new computer system. Gap Planning: A strategy gap is the distance between how a company is currently performing and its desired goal. We've chosen a range of different strategic model examples so finding one that suits you should be a breeze! Scenario planning focuses on an outlook for the future. Among the many tools a manager can use for strategic planning, scenario planning stands out for its ability to capture a whole range of possibilities in rich detail.

SCENARIO PLANNING. What is scenario planning?
The key to our consulting services is our ability to integrate our know-how in functional areas with our deep industry knowledge in Strategy Planning Models – Scenario Planning. By identifying basic trends and uncertainties, a manager can construct a series of scenarios that will help to compensate for the usual errors in decision making — overconfidence and tunnel vision.

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