The Mayor decided to hold a fighting tournament with the grand finale being held on the top of the city tower, and the Vipers, young urban warriors decide to compete, each with their own goal on mind. Here are the few unlockables in that version: Mahler Beat the game in Arcade Mode. Move left from Grace or right from Picky to select him. Fighting Vipers was overlooked in the "arcade vs. home system wars" of 1996.

Welcome to Fighting Vipers!

It came out when gamers were paying more attention to the Saturn … Costumes are armored and unarmored variants of P1 costumes from Fighting Vipers 1 and 2. It uses the same game engine as AM2's Virtua Fighter 2 but features enclosed arenas and an armor mechanic, and was targeted more towards Western audiences, using a U.S. setting and more freeform styles of martial arts.
Fighting Vipers (ファイティングバイパーズ Faitingu Vaipāzu) is a 3D fighting video game developed by Sega AM2. AI SUCKS, WILL FIX IN NEXT UPDATE. An underrated and largely unknown fighting game from the 90s, which only made an appearance on two consoles in that gaming era (the Sega Model 2 and Sega Saturn). Kids Mode Hold Left on Controller 1 and Right on Controller 2 before selecting a mode. If you’re a fan of Virtua Fighter you’ll feel right at home here, as Fighting Viper’s battle system is quite similar. Picky, from Fighting Vipers series. Wall Breaker Achievement in Fighting Vipers: Destroy a stage wall in Arcade Mode or Offline Versus - worth 40 Gamerscore. Just as a final note, none of these unlockables are present in the PS2 port, Sega Ages 2500 Vol. 19 - Fighting Vipers. Find guides to this achievement here.

Armored Fighter A very early concept version of Fighting Vipers, as seen in this Wayback archive of a page on AM2's old website. Sweeter Than Honey Hidden deep within the code of Sonic the Fighters/Championship is a completely finished character by the name of Honey.

Now that Nutcracker becomes more popular, he joins in this fight with his specialty, Skateboard Attack technique which can be used in various scenes. Armstone City, year unknown. Fighting Vipers is a 3D Fighting Game series created by Sega's AM2 development team (of Virtua Fighter fame) in 1995. Picky. He is … Sonic can still be accessed in the arcade version of Fighting Vipers through extensive hacking.

From the creators of the Virtua Fighter series comes a unique 3D fighting game with faster gameplay, walled stages, and a breakable "armor" system. Picky's shirt also has a different color and design to the final, and Bahn's cape features more kanji script on it.

A Junior High School boy who likes skateboarding in order to attract the attention his classmate Catherine. Honey is an anthropomorphic cat that is dressed identically to the Honey/Candy character in Fighting Vipers. ファイティングバイ … He was an unlockable character in the import version of Fighting Vipers for the Sega Saturn and also stars in his own, self-titled game for the Playstation.

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