During the Brazilian presidency of Fernando Henrique Cardoso, Brazil tried to seal a deal so that the United States could use the Alcantara Launch Center.

A technology safeguards agreement has been agreed between the two countries, allowing the U.S. to launch satellites from the Alcântara Launch Center.

For anyone launching a rocket, that’s a juicy spot. The Guiana Space Centre is another launch complex in the region, located to the north in French Guiana, a French territory.

Other countries may be interested in the commercial use of the Alcantara Launch Center due to its proximity to the equator, which saves on fuel consumption when launching satellites.

The Alcântara Launch Center (Portuguese : Centro de Lançamento de Alcântara (CLA)) is a satellite launching base of the Brazilian Space Agency in the city of Alcântara, located on Brazil 's northern Atlantic coast, in the state of Maranhão.

It is operated by the Brazilian Air Force (Comando da Aeronáutica).

Today, after 20 years of negotiations, Brazil and the US have signed a TSA that facilitate the launching of American satellites from the Brazilian launch center in Alcântara, near the equator.

Launching from this site may save as much as 30% in fuel. Alcantara Launch Center (2°20'S; 44°24'W) Space launches are attempted from the Alcântara Launching Center (Centro de Lançamento de Alcântara--CLA), in Maranhão, President Sarney's home state. The site, known as the Alcântara Launch Center, is located at a latitude of just 2.3 degrees south. The Congress barred the measure, claiming that it would harm …

Atenção, o “AST” (Acordo de Salva Guardas Tecnológica) de Alcântara não ameaça a soberania nacional.

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